Fast Trax for iPhone

Fast Trax for iPhone

Description & Notes:

Fast Trax | iOS 8.4 or Greater
The fastest, smartest way to play your music on the iPhone.

Create your own mix stations and access them with a tap, or choose from several Fast Mixes which automatically find and play your: Top 25 Played, Holiday Songs, Happy Songs, Love Songs, New Age & Nature Songs, More From Current Artist, More From Current Album and a Smart Shuffle feature.

Other Features:

- Instant Play: Fast Trax starts playing your last selected mix on launch.
- Tune Repeat
- Shuffle Button (upper center): toggles shuffle mode on or off.
- Show Cover: tap on the cover in the Mix View to show the Cover View.

Especially Great For Fast Access To:

- Sleep Music
- Yoga and Meditation Music
- Running/Exercise Music
- Instrument Practice
- Favorites
- Moods
- Activities
- Kids Music
- Holiday Music
- Genres
- Whatever You Can Imagine

Easy To Use:

1. Press on a mix station button (text).
2. Name your mix station.
3. Choose music for your mix station.
4. Tap any of your stations to play them.
5. Rename or reprogram a mix at any time.

A faster, simpler, smarter way to play your music!

Download on the iPhone App Store

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